Gold Coin Balance™

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Test the coin's width
Test the coin's diameter
Test the coin's weight

Use the Gold Coin Balance™ to test the most popular gold coins

  • 1oz philharmonic gold coin 1oz Philharmonic
  • 1oz maple gold coin 1oz Maple
  • 1oz buffalo gold coin 1oz Buffalo
  • 1oz panda gold coin 1oz Panda
  • 1oz kangaroo gold coin 1oz Kangaroo
  • 1oz american eagle gold coin 1oz Eagle*
  • 1oz krugerrand gold coin 1oz Krugerrand*

Our Guarantee

Send us a fake coin that passes the three tests and we will pay you Gold’s spot price* See Note

American Eagles or Krugerrands are made with less gold purity and cannot be guaranteed. See our blog post on the fake Eagle we discovered and tips to avoid them.

How it works

Other metals used to create fake gold coins can not match a genuine Gold Coin in size and weight. For example, Gold is heavier than lead by 30%. A coin made of lead would have to be bigger in size by about 1/3 to weigh what a gold coin weighs, so a lead coin would not pass either the size or the weight test.

Other cheap metals such as zinc, copper or steel are even lighter than lead. There are only two metals that come close to gold in weight. Platinum, which costs more than gold, and Tungsten, which is so brittle it can't be stamped into a coin.

Gold Coin Balance™

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